Paws'n'Tails Pet Sitting Services
Professional in-home pet care for your furry family members when you can't be there!

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Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you do

We are all about personalization!  We know that every pet is different and their needs vary.  This is why we specialize in customized visits to your pets and we want their daily routine to seem as if you were still there!  During our FREE initial consultation, we spend as much time as needed with you to make sure that we know the pets routines and all of  their funny quirks or favorite things they like to play with or do!  We love your pets when you can't be with them!
  1. Pet sitting - $16.00/visit
    In addition to caring for your pets, we also can do things around the house. Let us know if you want us to water plants, alternate lights in the house ,bring in mail/ paper or put trash out on the curb. We would be happy to do those things too!
  2. Midday walks - $16.00
    Do you have a new puppy or a senior dog that needs a potty break during the day when you're at work? We offer 3 different options - A 15 minute potty break, a 30 minute walk or an hour walk (limited availability). Call for rates.
  3. House sitting - $12.00
    Don't have pets but want peace of mind that your home is secure while you're away? We can bring in mail and paper, alternate lights and curtains, water plants or flowers and do a daily security check which makes it look like you're home.
  4. Special needs - included
    Does your cat or dog need medication or insulin several times a day? We are experienced giving injections and oral medications! We also use Feliway calming spray to keep our cat friends stress free!
    Our services are very personalized and our rates can vary depending on the time it takes to care for your pets and home.  We do not charge extra for multiple pets although if it takes longer than our alloted 30 minute visit time, there will be a $5.00 charge per extra 15 minutes.  We love spending time with our furry friends and want to give them the attention they deserve!
    Special needs pets who need medication varies from pet to pet.  There may be a charge per day for administering medication depending on difficulty.  Charging may be included in the regular visit fee and can change at our discretion.